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You have the right to say anything you want

November 13, 2013

I have the right to wince when you do.

Obesity. Aesthetic objections cloaked in fake medical concern? Be sure to pass that on to your kids!

Lame. Ableism. Boo.

Carbs. (Or carbohydrates. It’s not the shortening that bothers me; it’s the nutritional ignorance.) Two-thirds of the calories in kale come from carbohydrates. Are you going to stop eating it? 

Leadership. Do the math: Fewer than 50 percent of all people are going to qualify as leaders. The odds that all your kids are going to make the cut are not good. And deciding to pursue something that is dependent on other people’s reaction seems unhealthy, like trying to be popular.

Passion.* Surely people can think of a way to establish their commitment to something without using this word? I don’t want to hear you talk about your feelings about what you do. I want to see you be good at what you do, and if that results from diligence rather than some sort of spiritual burning, wonderful. Persistence and clear-eyed self-assessment make me want to bake brownies for the possessor. Or kale chips, if that’s more your style.


*Not the crucifixion kind.


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