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Showing the General Public Who We Are

November 3, 2013

First day of group for HoneyBadger was . . . OK. I think it went fine, except for the part where he was (just barely) late to school. As we left the parking lot at group, HB said, “OK, it looks like you should drive dangerously.” Which I didn’t. But by the time we got to school, the PE teacher and the tardy staffer were waiting in front for stragglers. On the plus side, HB was bothered by not being on time.

I am sorry he’s bothered but glad that this is something he is now capable of being bothered about.

The other parents seem fine, but – and I am not saying this in judgment of the other kids’ worth, just wondering about the fit for HB – there are a lot of kids with a lot of annoying behaviors waiting for group. HB seemed like one of the two Reigning Lords of Docility and Appropriate Behavior as we were waiting.

Fun event to kick off the whole experience: As I was walking to the car after dropping Cheeks off at before-school care, another mother said, “Excuse me, ma’am – you have a bleach stain or something on your pants.” And I said “Oh, OK, thanks.” To which she replied, “I just though, if you were going to work . . .” “I am, and I don’t have time to change,”  I announced as I hurried to the car to take HB to group.

When I got to work, I found that the bleach stain was, in fact, a big hole in the back of my pants.

I wonder if any of the parents at group thought, “No wonder the kid has problems, with a mother who flashes her butt around like that.”


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