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A Theory

November 1, 2012

My MIL and BIL are firmly on one side of the political spectrum, and my peerless spouse and I are on the the other.

My MIL will not stop trying to persuade us to see things her way.

My BIL just talks about other things to us.

My MIL has . . . is it still a reason if it’s illogical? Because that is why she’s voting the way she is. In other words, I know the motivation behind her vote, and wow. She is not doing her side proud.

My BIL has a consistent philosophy for why he votes the way he does.

So here is my theory: If you have a carefully reasoned basis for your vote, you don’t have a frantic urge for validation from other people agreeing with you.

My other theory is that if you are rational enough to come up with an philosophical perspective that explains your vote, you are also rational enough to notice that other people are not going to change their votes if they likewise have a philosophical basis supporting it.


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