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So far, so good. I guess.

September 7, 2012

I e-mailed Honey Badger’s teacher to ask if last year’s therapy scheduling would be OK (HB has to miss a little school to go, and I am trying to minimize the damage). And I got a thumbs-up, and a question: “He told me he likes to be called ‘Anthony.’ Is that true, or is he having fun with me?”

Honey Badger’s name is nothing like Anthony.

On the other hand, I got to see him in class after the back-to-school coffee, and he was sitting next to a kid who sprawled. I think the kid would have sprawled no matter whom he was sitting next to, but the sprawler was sitting on Honey Badger’s left, and HB is a southpaw, so it was really noticeable. Such are my expectations at this stage that I was thrilled to see my kid working away, textbook in his lap, left arm from shoulder to elbow clamped to his side, not getting distracted by someone else’s behavior and not being a distraction himself.

Yes, they need to swap desks, and I hope that if the teacher doesn’t notice, HB will suggest it nicely. But in the interim. HB is sucking it up and dealing. Yes he is.


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